EU VAT implementation

  • Donnerstag, 25. Oktober, 2018
  • 08:59am

Europe has always been one of our main markets of activity. Therefore, meeting the needs and requirements of our European customers is extremely important to us.

GlobeHosting's support and assistance with EU VAT is one of our most requested features, as it is a mandatory requirement for all EU Member States.


Due to its importance, this tax is one of the top priority items at GlobeHosting. We are pleased to announce that the implementation of the EU VAT tax is almost complete and GlobeHosting will soon be able to support the VAT requirements.


Before the launch, we would like to fill in your VAT ID in the system. This way you will not have to manage it separately after launch. To be able to do this, it would be ideal if you provide us with your VAT ID as early as possible. This will also ensure that you will not pay VAT on transactions between you and our company if your VAT ID is verified. 


You can update your VAT ID from your customer panel:


We really appreciate all your support and cooperation in implementing this process.


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